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New Major Hitman game is ‘a bit on hiatus’ Story-level




William D’Angelo
posted 1 hour ago / 230 views

Christian Elverdam, Co-Owner and CCO of IO Interactive, speaks with eurogamer revealed the development of the next big hired murderer the game has been paused.

“At this moment, a great, great news hired murderer game: that’s on hiatus a bit,” Elverdam said.

“We’re building another agent fantasy that’s also taking up a lot of our time. But obviously we’re going back to the beloved Agent 47. He’s still at the heart of this company.”

IO Interactive in the new Major Hitman game: 'A Litt;e Bit on Hiatus'

The developer changed the name of contract killer 3 to hitman: world of assassination on January 26 of this year. long with the name change is the addition to contract killer 1 other contract killer 2 available on existing Access Pass system. contract killer 3 owners will get a free upgrade to hitman: world of assassination on all platforms.

IO Interactive recently announced that their next game is based on a new IP and is “an online fantasy RPG codenamed Fantasy Project.

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