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Is the path of water coming to Disney +? Story-level




Three of the four highest-grossing movies of all time are directed by James Cameron. Soon, you will be able to see them all at home.

Avatar: The Path of Water It will arrive on digital platforms, such as Prime Video, Apple TV and Vudu, on March 28. There will be three hours of never-before-seen extras, including “Building the World of Pandora,” “The Challenges of Pandora’s Waters,” and the hilariously named “Spider’s Web.” See if you can see everything while holding your breath, a la Kate Winslet.

These are just some of the extras:

Building the World of Pandora: James Cameron and a team of talented artists combine years of research with their design skills to build the world of Pandora with new characters, creatures, indigenous clans, underwater environments and the world of harsh technology that takes no prisoners . from the GDR.

Capturing Pandora: James Cameron’s approach to performance capture has the cast performing in a volume equipped with infrared cameras to capture their movement and head-mounted cameras to capture the emotion on their faces with only the limits of the imagination to limit them.

The Undersea World of Pandora: Co-production designer Dylan Cole and his team conceive the sea creatures required for Avatar: The Way of Water, while James Cameron and his team of stuntmen devise extraordinary means of bringing these creatures to life in a tank of performance capture.

Pandora’s Waters Challenges: James Cameron tackles the “non-trivial challenge” of motion capture above and below the surface of the water, using a wave machine and current generator to reproduce ocean conditions and underwater vehicles to replicate the movement of the creatures.

Pandora Returning Characters: James Cameron reunites with his returning cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang. Together they discuss the amazing evolution of their characters in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Next Generation of Pandora – Meet the talented young newcomers who have been chosen as the next generation of Na’vi and follow them through the adventure of making Avatar: The Way of Water.

Spider’s Web: James Cameron introduced the human character of Spider into the web of Pandora, creating a series of technological challenges on set…and an incredible journey for young actor, Jack Champion.

Becoming Na’vi: The cast of Avatar is immersed in the culture of the indigenous Na’vi, living off the land in the Hawaiian jungle and training in a multitude of disciplines in preparation for their roles.

The Reef People of Pandora – In true James Cameron style, the Metkayina Reef clan has been developed with great attention to detail, with unique evolutionary traits and culture, with new homes, new clothes and a different way of life, all the result to live. out of the ocean

Bringing Pandora to Life – Once James Cameron completes his virtual production process, each sequence is transferred to Wētā FX to bring Pandora to life, with unprecedented advances in facial performance, environments, and making CG water look real.

The RDA Returns to Pandora: Co-production designer Ben Procter and his team present an armada of new vehicles and human technologies that the RDA brings to Pandora, in conceptual design and practical construction.

Pandora’s New Characters – Meet important new characters in the Avatar saga played by Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Brendan Cowell and Jemaine Clement.

The Sounds of Pandora – Hear how James Cameron worked with composer Simon Franglen to create the distinctive music for The Way of Water while drawing from James Horner’s brilliant score for Avatar, and learn how Chris Boyes created the surround sounds of Pandora.

New Zealand – Pandora’s Home – The production of the Avatar sequels is so entrenched in New Zealand that James Cameron calls The Waterway a “New Zealand film”. He hears thoughts from the cast and crew, including the extraordinary team from New Zealand, on the making of the film.

Avatar: The Path of Water does not yet have a Disney+ broadcast date.

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