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I am excited by thoughts about my wife’s previous relationship, and I would like us to use her for role play | life and Style Story-level




My My wife and I have been happily married for 47 years. Right after we graduated from college, I wanted to get married and she was reluctant because she thought we were too young. That summer she had a brief relationship with a coworker at a summer job. For a long time she did not speak openly. about the extent of their physical contact, but recently, nearly 50 years later, she They told me they “kissed” but never had sex. fantasized about them having a more physical relationship, including sex, that excites me Now I’d like to role play your time with this other guy. what can i do to persuade her to play along?

If role-playing is something you as a couple have enjoyed in the past, you could simply let her know that the idea of ​​her being sexual with her former co-worker turns you on and suggest it as the subject of your next playtime. But not everyone is comfortable with that erotic style. Role-playing involves elements such as holding a character the way actors do, using one’s imagination to think of words and actions to fit the setting, and dressing the part, in an erotic context. It is important that everything that happens between a couple is fully consensual. If your wife is not used to role-playing, she should be careful to approach it sensitively. She never tries to force her to do something that she finds uncomfortable or unpleasant. Role-playing can be especially tricky when it comes to actual personal material. Some people do not feel safe replicating real-life scenarios during role-play, either because they feel too exposed, because the scenes evoke unpleasant memories, or because they fear they are exposing another person. Some people even fear that what may be revealed could be used against them later in a non-erotic setting. It would be wise to begin any role-play request by assuring her that she will not assume that what she believes in the role-play is correct.

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