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Dave Grohl smoked ribs and brisket for 450 Los Angeles homeless people Story-level




Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl took his newfound love of grilling to the streets, cooking for more than 450 homeless people.

The “My Hero” musician performed at Hope the Mission’s Trebek Center in Northridge last week with brisket, ribs, pork tenderloin, some BBQ smokers, and a heart of gold. She got to work, trimming the fat from the meats and preparing them for the smoker just as the storm hit Los Angeles.

The late “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek and his wife Jean donated half a million dollars to Hope the Mission. The donation went towards the purchase of the Los Angeles Skateland roller skating rink, which was converted into a 107-bedroom refuge and is named after Trebek.

The charity, formerly known as Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that aims to prevent, reduce, and eliminate poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

The organization is behind Chandler Street, the vibrantly painted North Hollywood town made up of shipping containers that serve as a shelter for temporary and transitional housing. Chandler Street is one of 15 shelters operated by the group. Together, they provide approximately 1,400 beds in North Hollywood, Highland Park, Los Angeles, Northridge, Reseda, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys and Lancaster.

Actor and taco aficionado Danny Trejo has also worked with the non-profit organization, feeding homeless veterans at the mission’s Van Nuys Bridge Home Shelter.

President and CFO rowan vanslev he said he was ecstatic when he learned that one of his favorite rock stars wanted to cook for the shelter. But he was headed to Las Vegas to participate in a 350-mile run from Sin City to Los Angeles in an effort to raise $350,000 to fund three new family centers for Hope the Mission. The new centers could house approximately 400 families of mothers and children.

Dave Grohl made brisket for 450 homeless people in Los Angeles

(Hope the Mission)

Grohl told Vansleve that he could run the barbecue without him and would even try to save a rib for him. Later, as Vansleve ran across the desert, he began receiving updates from his staff at the Trebek Center.

“He shows up at 6pm and they deliver this truckload of meat,” Vansleve told The Times. “And it’s like an obscene amount of food. It’s unbelievable, the guy spent thousands of dollars. And he’s all alone in our little food prep area, trimming the fat. [the meat], making sure each one is perfect. He has all his partners together. They are endorsing these giant smokers.

“There is a megastar walking around hugging and just loving people. He then starts lighting all the fires around 11pm, and that’s when the massive storm hit. … So he was there from Wednesday to Thursday. So it’s raining, the area is flooded. And he stayed out there from midnight until I think it was 6 am when the meat stopped resting.”

A large number of prepared ribs waiting for grilling

Ribs prepared waiting to be grilled for Hope the Mission.

(Hope the Mission)

Grohl would sneak away to nap in his trailer when he could, Vansleve said. Otherwise, he kept the fires going, checked the meats, and walked around to meet people and cheer on the workers.

Dave Grohl prepares meat for the homeless at Hope the Mission.

(Hope the Mission)

After the meat was smoked and the beans and coleslaw were prepared, the “The Best of You” singer called his family and friends to join in serving the meal. When the ribs, brisket and pork loin were gone and people were fed, Grohl gave the kitchen a deep clean, according to Vansleve.

And the rocker seems to be ready and willing to do it all over again. After scrubbing the kitchen, Grohl asked if he would cook for everyone again.

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