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18 Things Frequent Travelers Always Bring on Long Haul Flights End-shutdown




Travel to remote destinations is exciting. The hours of duration plans trip to get there A little less. Whether it’s confined spaces, dehydrating cabin conditions, or disruptive fellow travelers, long-haul flights can be uncomfortable.

Desperate to crack the code better flying, I corresponded with four frequent jet-setters who are well used to flying long distances. (After peeking inside their handpicked bags of travel essentials, I’m curious how I held up on that flight to Australia I took several years ago.)

Travel influencer based in San Francisco catarina mello he told me that long-distance travelers should dress in layers, bring plenty of snacks, and download all their movies, music, and books ahead of time.

If jet lag is a concern, Elena Sula, a travel and lifestyle blogger who frequently travels between the United States and Europe, said to “try to stay awake [when you arrive at your destination] until it is night there! That is your best bet to avoid jet lag and get going for your trip.” Or, as a solo travel influencer. Ciara Johnson suggested, you can use time changeran app that claims to help your circadian rhythm.

Before your next big trip, consider flying like the experts by shopping for your favorite products from the list below.

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